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Document Your Shit

I’m the type of guy who has way too many things on the go. An idea comes to mind, I start working on it for a weekend, then something comes up and I stop. Then if I’m lucky I get back to it 6 months later. I also have a few projects where I work on them a bit more actively but still won.t see an end in the near future. For some of these projects I have some raspberry pies running at home and a VPS for stuff that requires more power.

A while ago I noticed myself forgetting where things where, what server was what on. And I would end up spending half of my time researching stuff I already done just so I could start working on it again. The next day I had the same problem at work, except that I had a wiki to go to and quickly lookup the information.

That’s when I realised I needed to document not only my work stuff, but also my stuff at home. Leave it to a programmer to not have his stuff properly documented or even some of his projects not checked into a repo.

We use confluence at work. I have grown to like it. So I thought why not use it at home? Did you know you could have a 10 user license for only 10$ as long as you host it yourself. That’s pretty sweet. I thought about buying it and setting it up but then I also thought of what I was about to document. I really didn’t need an enterprise level wiki solution. In the end I went with Bootstrap and basic HTML. I basically ripped off the Bootstraps documentation page

The important thing though is that I have my stuff documented. I do have a git repository on my VPS that I host a few of my bigger projects, but my next step is putting up some smaller things I’ve worked on. I’m also thinking of putting up a gitlab.